How to automatically run a script when logging into Ubuntu Desktop

There are circumstances where you wish to have a script run automatically when you log in to Ubuntu Desktop. Such a script can configure various user-specific or system-wide settings on your Ubuntu system, upon user's desktop login.

In Linux, there are start-up scripts named ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bashrc, or ~/.profile which get executed when you start a shell. However, in Ubuntu Desktop, such start-up scripts get executed when you open up a terminal window, but NOT when you log in to Ubuntu Desktop GUI. Also, when you open multiple terminal windows, these kinds of start-up scripts are executed as many times, in order to initialize user's shell environment in terminal windows.

If what you want is to run a script at the time of user's Ubuntu Desktop login, you can follow this guideline.

Create a XDG configuration file for the start-up script you want to run.

$ vi ~/.config/autostart/my_script.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Name=My Script

The above XDG configuration file will set up "user-specific" auto-start. If you want all users to use the same start-up script "system-wide", create a similar XDG configuration file in the following location instead.

$ sudo vi /etc/xdg/autostart/my_script.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Name=My Script
Exec=sudo /sbin/

If the start-up script requires sudo access like an above example, you will need to set up password-less sudo.

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  1. this was very usefull, but I have 3 more questions.

    1) how to do similar task, when you log out.
    2) how to do similar task, when locking pc
    3) how to do similar task, when unlocking pc

    hope you can help

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