How to backup files to a remote FTP server using lftp

lftp is a command-line FTP client with several advanced file transfer features. For example, lftp can upload or download a whole directory tree recursively and selectively, or resume interrupted file transfers. A popular use case of lftp is to mirror local files or folders to a remote FTP server. While rsync is a popular mirroring software tool, it uses its own file synchronization protocol, and so does not work over FTP.

If you would like to backup local files or directory trees to a remote FTP server, you can proceed as follows.

To install lftp on Debian, Ubuntu or Linux Mint:

$ sudo apt-get install lftp

To install lftp on CentOS, Fedora or RHEL:

$ sudo yum install lftp

Now go ahead and run iftp command as follows. Note that $username, $password and $ftp_hostname need to be populated according to your FTP server setup.

$ lftp -c "set ftp:list-options -a;
open ftp://$username:$password@$ftp_hostname;
lcd /path/to/local/directory;
cd /path/to/remote/directory/in/ftp/server;
mirror --reverse --delete --parallel=3 --older-than='now-7days' --exclude-glob .git"
  • "--reverse" option means uploading files to a remote FTP server.
  • "--delete" option means removing files not present in the source directory.
  • "--parallel=3" option means uploading upto 3 files in parallel.
  • "--exclude-glob .git" option means excluding matching folders (e.g., .git).
  • "--older-than='now-7days'" option means uploading files which were modified more than seven days ago.

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2 thoughts on “How to backup files to a remote FTP server using lftp

  1. A much better way, IMHO, is to use the -f option for lftp and have the script of what needs to be done run from a file. Your recommended method might work for one or two copies, but if you are a pro system admin and you are doing this over and over again, you'll want to organize things into script files and the -f option lets you do that cleanly.

  2. Hi,

    Really good guide, thanks.

    This helped me backup my MP3s from a desktop to a NAS drive. Using LFTP, very efficient. Trouble is, it failed on any file with an apostrophe in the name, about one in every 5 files of 900. The NAS drive takes the same files if I do the move over a GUI with no issues, either individually or as part of a group cut and paste.

    Any clues?

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