How to check if a file exists on a remote server

There are circumstances where you want to test if a file exists somewhere on a remote Linux server (e.g., /var/run/, without logging in to the server interactively. For example, you may want your script to behave differently depending on whether or not a specific file exists on a remote server.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to check if a remote file exists in different script languages (e.g., Bash shell, Perl, Python).

The approach described here will use ssh to access a remote host. You first need to enable password-less ssh login to the remote host, so that your script can access a remote host in non-interactive batch mode. You also need to make sure that ssh login has read permission on the file to check. Assuming that you have finished these two steps, you can write scripts like the following examples.

Check if a file exists on a remote server in Bash



if ssh $ssh_host test -e $file;
    then echo $file exists
    else echo $file does not exist

Check if a file exists on a remote server in Perl


my $ssh_host = "xmodulo@remote_server";
my $file = "/var/run/";

system "ssh", $ssh_host, "test", "-e", $file;
my $rc = $? >> 8;
if ($rc) {
    print "$file doesn't exist\n";
} else {
    print "$file exists\n";

Check if a file exists on a remote server in Python


import subprocess
import pipes

ssh_host = 'xmodulo@remote_server'
file = '/var/run/'

resp =
    ['ssh', ssh_host, 'test -e ' + pipes.quote(file)])

if resp == 0:
    print ('%s exists' % file)
    print ('%s does not exist' % file)

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  1. Thank you for hitting a few different scripting languages when solving this question!!! I personally found it very helpful. Just an FYI, I always used '[-f "path-to-file]' and found that this works as well but I like your method better even though I get the same results. Thanks again friend!!!!!

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