How to convert mts to mp4 for free

My 3-year old camcorder is Canon Vixia HF100. It delivers excellent quality videos via optically stabilized 12X zoom lens. One caveat of the camcorder, however, is that video files are saved in AVCHD format, which is a HD video format developed by Sony and Panasonic. AVCHD videos typically have .mts or .m2ts file extensions.

Since the AVCHD format is not a common video format used to share videos online, mts files are not supported by YouTube. That is, if you upload a mts video to YouTube, YouTube will refuse to process it. If you would like to upload mts videos to YouTube, you need to transcode the videos into more popular video formats such as avi/mp4/wmv first.

There are a few good free and open-source transcoders that can convert mts to other formats. Among them, I think Handbrake is arguably the best in terms of usability and speed. Handbrake is freely available for Mac OS, Windows, Ubuntu and Fedora. With Handbrake, you can convert mts to mp4 for free quite easily.

First, download Handbrake, and install it on your OS. On Linux, you can use this instruction to install HandBrake. Once you launch HandBrake, specify a source video file and destination folder. In Output Settings, choose "MP4 File" container. If you want, you can also customize video codec (h.264/mpeg4/mpeg2), framerate, audio codec, as well as apply various filters such deinteracing filter.

Once you have converted mts to mp4 with Handbrake, you can now upload the converted mp4 video to YouTube, and share it online.

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5 thoughts on “How to convert mts to mp4 for free

  1. I have JVC Everio camcorder and mts files on output as you said. But I know that Youtube is accepting raw files and processing without trouble from my camcorder so maybe try once more.

  2. Handbrake is NOT freeware! It is Free Software... there is a difference, and as some one who posts about Linux and Open Source Software, you should be aware of it, and you should not be confusing the two.

  3. Tried and failed to download and install on wheezy 7.4. Clipboard copied from your instructions, "Install HandBrake on Debian or Linux Mint". Got several 404 errors resulting from running the first line of instructions. It couldn't find some archives.

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