How to fix Android SDK Content Loader stuck at 0% in Eclipse

Have you encountered the case where Eclipse hangs upon startup, in particular when you are developing an Android application with Android SDK? When that happens, you would see "Android SDK Content Loader" stuck at 0% at the Eclipse status bar in the right bottom area.

There can be a variety of reasons for that, and here are several ways to fix the problem where Eclipse hangs at the Android SDK Content Loader.

Solution One

Often times, this problem can be network related. Check if your network is behind a proxy. If so, you need to configure proxy on Eclipse. For that, go to "Windows" -> "Preferences" -> "General" -> "Network Connections", and fill in your proxy info. Restart Eclipse after that. Conversely, it's also possible that you have configured proxy on Eclipse before, but that you are no longer behind proxy. Make sure to disable proxy then.

Solution Two

Another solution is to clean up project-specific meta data directories which are stored under your workspace directory.

$ cd workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources/.projects
$ rm -rf *

Restart Eclipse.

Solution Three

Check if an adb process is running. If so, kill the adb process, and restart Eclipse.

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