How to load or import oar files in OpenSim

Oar file type is an OpenSimulator archive file format in which scene objects, settings and terrains of a given region are stored.

To load or import oar file to OpenSim, type the following in OpenSim prompt. Optionally, you may first want to change the region wherever you desire. The oar file will then be applied to the current region.

(# change region My_region)
# load oar chateau.oar

If you load different oar files multiple times, previously loaded oar file will be overwritten, unless you create multiple regions, and load different oar files in separate regions.

If you have customized a given region, and want to save or export the region as oar file, you can do the following.

# save oar My_region.oar

For your information, there are several useful OpenSim sites where you can find ready-made OpenSim oar files.

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One thought on “How to load or import oar files in OpenSim

  1. This needs more detail. Author assumes readers know more than they do... Need detailed example of exactly HOW to specify a region on which the OAR is to be loaded. I have a 16 sim world but OAR files always build on the same region. Would like to put different OAR builds in different regions on the same grid and the above article hints that it can be done, but HOW?

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