How to run an Octave script from command line

GNU Octave is an open-source alternative to MATLAB, a proprietary software and programming framework for conducting numerical mathematics and data analysis. If you are an Octave user, you are probably familiar with its interactive shell environment.

However, if you want to perform Octave-based analytics in a batch processing environment, you need to be able to run Octave scripts from the command line. Here is a simple Octave script example which you can use. The script accepts command line arguments.

$ vi hello.m
#!/usr/bin/octave -qf

# example octave script

arg_list = argv ();
num = str2int(arg_list{1});

printf ("Name of Octave script: ", program_name ());

for i=1:num
   a(i) = i;
elapsed = toc();

printf("Elapsed time: %.4f seconds", elapsed);
$ chmod 755 hello.m

Then, you can simply run the script as an executable.

$ ./hello.m 10000

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