How to take a screenshot of video on Android

If you want to capture a screenshot on Android device, there are device-specific ways to grab a screenshot via built-in hardware buttons. For example, on HTC devices, you hold the "Power" button, and then press the "Home" button. On Samsung Charger, you hold the "Back" button, and then press the "Home" button. However, if you attempt to screen capture during video playback or at paused video with hardware buttons, you will notice that you end up capturing a black screen instead of actual video content.

If you would like to take a screenshot of a video on Android, and the video is physically stored on Android, what you can do instead is to use a video editor app, and extract a video frame from video. One such video editing Android app is AndroVid Video Trimmer, which is available for free. Among other useful video editing features, AndroVid allows you to grab video frames.

In order to grab a video frame using AndroVid, open up the video that you would like screen capture on AndroVid. You will see several menus on the top of the screen as follows. Click on "Grab" menu.

Next, move the seekbar at the bottom of the screen, to the point where you want to grab a screenshot, and then click on the camera icon.

AndroVid will then start to grab a video frame rendered at that point.

Once the video frame has been extracted, a thumbnail of the frame will appear on the top.

Click on the thumbnail, and save the extracted video frame as an image.

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  1. This is a very helpful app. I was able to extract a still frame from the video without a problem the first time I tried.

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